Whole Pigs (Ready For Roasting)
Prices are for Fresh Pigs, Pick Up Only ~ Order via Phone or Email ~ Need 1 Week Notice

16-20 lbs  $4.69/lb
20-30 lbs  $4.45/lb
30-40 lbs  $3.89/lb
40-50 lbs  $3.79/lb
50-60 lbs   $3.39/lb
60-100 lbs   $2.99/lb
100-150 lbs   $2.89/lb
150 & Up   $2.79/lb

Hilltown Sausage Links
1 lb Packages (4 Links Per Pack) ~ Must Pre-Order, atleast 5 days
Hot Italian
Sweet Italian
Fresh Chorizo
Fresh Bratwurst

Call For Pricing on Wholesale Meat Products
(ie. Beef Brisket, Pork Loins, Pork Butts/Shoulders, Leg of Lamb, and More)

Services Price List
Prices Subject To Change Without Notice 
Updated 1/26/16
Effective Immediately 

**Please Note Changes to Rendering Fees**

Pigs ~ Kill Only:
Kill & Split:      $65* +$3 Rendering Fee
 *$30 surcharge for dark colored pigs
*$25 Surcharge for pigs with hanging weight of 250 lbs
Please Note: Heads and feet that are deemed too difficult to properly clean may be removed and condemned

Pork with Processing:
Kill Charge   --   $50.00 per head 
$10 Surcharge for pigs over 250 lbs ~ $20 Surcharge for dark colored pigs
Process w/ cryovac & Labeling   --   $0.99 per pound (hanging weight)
 Smoking – additional $1.50 per pound (pre-smoking weight
 ~regular or all natural)
Please Note: For Smoked Meat, Only Bacon Will Be Labeled For Resale
Slicing charge    --     $4.00 per slab
Rendering    --    $5.00 per head
Linked Sausage -- $2.00 per pound (instead of bulk)
 ~ 25 lbs Minimum PER KIND
Kielbasa, Knockwurst, & Bratwurst -- $2.29 per pound ~ 50 lb Minimum, will be labeled for re-sale by Noack’s Smokehouse 
Hot Dogs -- $2.59 per pound ~ 50 lb  Minimum, will be labeled for re-sale by Noack’s Smokehouse

Lambs, Mutton, Goats:
Kill Only:   $35.00 +$2.00 Rendering Fee            
Kill, Process, Cryovac,  Render, & Labeling -- 
$96.00 per head
Hide Return   --   $5.00 per head  *must be picked up by Friday of the week slaughtered

Beef & Veal:
Kill, Process, Cryovac, & Labeling   --    $1.10 per pound 
Rendering   --   $10.00 per head
*any beef weighing under 500 lbs will be charged a $50 Surcharge

Paper Freezer Wrapping May Be Available to Those With Special Dietary Needs

Please Note: We Do NOT Put Weights On Packages

After 5 Days A Daily Fee of $10 Will Be Assessed To Your Invoice Until ALL Your Boxes Are Picked Up (unless arrangements are made with Management)

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