*Please Note:  All Smoked Meat Will Be Sliced and/or Packaged at 
Hilltown Country Smokehouse
786 US Rt 20
New Lebanon, NY
The Smoked Meat Must Be Picked Up From The Above Address Upon Completion Due To Space Limitations at our Canaan Facility

When Dropping off Animals You Must Sign a Waiver Stating that To
 The Best of Your Knowledge the Animals You Are Delivering Are Free
 Of Any Drug Residue (ie. Antibiotics)
~This waiver is now part of our cut sheets~

Click Here to Download Cut Sheet
 Download and Email To 

Sample Cut Sheet Options (for reference only; please do NOT print & use) :

Smoked Products:  Regular  Or All Natural

Hams:  Smoked: Boneless & Netted _______ 
             Bone- In_______ (Whole_____ Split_____ Steaks_ )                                                    
                     *All Natural Hams Will Automatically Be Boneless & Netted, No Steaks  

                Fresh:  Whole___ Split___  Steaks____                          Keep Separate? Y or N
                                                                                                     By Animal  or Side
Bacon: Smoked: (labeled for re-sale) Slab___  Sliced____                 Names on Boxes:
             Fresh:  Slab____  Sliced____                                              ____________
Loin:  Chops___ # per package___ Thickness___                           ____________
           Roast___   Approx Size:____                                                                                 

Butt:  Boneless Roast___  Sausage___  Country Style Ribs___ 
           . Approx. Size of Roasts_____                         (# per package___) 

Shoulder:  Steaks___    Sausage____                                                  
                 Bone-In Roasts ____ Boneless Roasts_____            
                    Approx. Size of Roasts_____

Lard:  Yes___  No___                                                                                                 
Feet:  Yes___ No___
Hocks:  Smoked (NOT labeled for re-sale)___  Fresh____ Sausage____
Organs:  Yes___  No___ 

Sausage*:  Links___   Bulk___
                Sweet____  Breakfast____  Hot____  Chorizo____  Ground Pork______
                        *25 lb. Minimum Per Kind      
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