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                    Hilltown Pork Inc. is a family owned and operated business                                that began on the Beckwith Family Farm in Granville, MA.       
              Our  farm has recently been given "Century Farm" status by 
              the Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation.  Our family 
       farming business began over 100 years ago.   
Hilltown Pork Inc was formed over 30 years ago to provide other small family farms an oportunity to market and sell their products to a larger range of customers.     It is a business built on family values and traditions.  It began with Ed and Toni Beckwith, and is now owned an operated by their three sons Edwin, Richard, and Robert.  In 2015 Richard's oldest son Ben became General Manager and Director to help his father and uncles run the family business.
Hilltown Pork now functions as a USDA Inspected slaughter and processing plant in Canaan, NY.  We serve local small farmers by providing them with quality products to feed to their families, sell to customers off their farms, or bring to local farmer's markets.   We are also a whole- carcass wholesaling business serving the Boston and Springfield areas of MA.
There are many generations of the Beckwith Family working for the business today, both at our Canaan, NY plant and on our farm.
A new tradition starting in 2006 is the purchase of The Eastern States Exposition (The Big E) 4-H Grand Champion Steer.
It has been Hilltown Pork's great honor to be able to support the 4-H and local farmers in this way.
The Grand Champion is processed at our facility and purchased by The Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, MA supporting the 'Farm to Table' movement of local farmers.
Hilltown Pork Inc
Family Owned & Operated  for Over 30 Years